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    • Learning Objectives

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    • Introduction

    • A Brief Clinical Overview of Diabetes

    • Cognitive/Behavioral Impairment and Psychiatric Sequelae Associated with Diabetes

    • The Diabetes Care Regimen for Adolescents: What Exactly Are Their Tasks?

    • The Psychology of Chronic Illness: A Complex Picture

    • A Pivotal Role in Diabetes Treatment for Mental Health Professionals

    • Risk Factors for Poor Metabolic Control During Adolescence

    • What We See, What They See: The Teenagers’ View of Diabetes

    • The Self and the Self with Diabetes

    • The Influence of Family and Social Environment on Adherence

    • Therapeutic Guidelines

    • Innovative Interventions

    • Summary

    • Web-based Resources for Mental Health Professionals

    • References

    • Post-Test: Adolescents with Diabetes: What Are the Challenges?

    • Program Evaluation