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    • Description

    • Learning Objectives

    • Course Sections/Outline

    • Overview/Rationale

    • Definition of Terms

    • Development of Sexual Orientation and Sexual Identity

    • LGB Issues Across the Lifespan: Is Youth Wasted on the Young?

    • “Coming Out, Living Out”: What are the Benefits?

    • The Major Barriers and Facilitators to Seeking Health Care

    • Mental and Physical Health Issues: What’s Salient for Sexual Minorities?

    • A Closer Look at Some Important Subgroups: LGB Youth, Couples & Families

    • Empirically-supported Mental Health Treatment Guidelines for Working with LGB individuals

    • Resources

    • References

    • Post-Test: Culturally-Competent Healthcare with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual (LGB) Individuals

    • Program Evaluation