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    • Learning Objectives

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    • Introduction to Children’s Mental Health Social Security Disability Claims

    • The Precedent Setting Case of Sullivan v. Zebley

    • The Five-Step Sequential Evaluation

    • The Listing of Childhood Impairments

    • Children’s Mental Disorders Listings

    • Quick Decision for SSI Payments to Children

    • Sources of Medical Evidence (MER)

    • The Concept of “Controlling Weight” and Treating Source Opinions

    • Relevant Psychological Tests and Measures

    • Testing within Structured Settings

    • Ethical Guidelines Regarding Testing

    • What Mental Abilities Do Children Need?

    • What Information Goes into the Mental Health Report?

    • Necessary Information from Other Sources and Other Forms

    • What Doesn’t Belong In Your Report?

    • A Call from a Social Security Disability Medical Consultant

    • Re-evaluating Benefits Over Time: The Diary

    • Final Thoughts on a Successful Report

    • Glossary of Terms

    • References

    • Post-Test: Children's Metal Health Social Security Disability (SSD) Report Writing: A Guide to Enhanced Effectiveness

    • Program Evaluation