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"You turned a nightmare into a gleeful afternoon. I thank you profusely for taking the time and effort to help this Tech School drop out. All copies of your curriculum are downloaded and ready to be studied and documented. I just may giggle every time I turn to the next page. Cheers!"

   S.G., Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice


"OMG! Thank you so very much for your help in navigating my way with your online CE courses. This is new to me and you made it a pleasure. I appreciate you."

   T.S., Ph.D. in Energy Medicine, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

"I've found the two online courses I've taken so far to be extremely rewarding in the learning they provide.   For me, the ability to view the material online or print out the courses, to make notes as I prefer to do as I read the material through, and then study up before taking the exam online, much like the old graduate school routine, works well for me. I'll be back again for CEs."

   J.P., Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice


"That was the fastest customer service response ever! Thank you!"

    S.T., LCSW, Hospital Setting


"I just took the online CE course on Positive Psychololgy and I loved having the links so I could look into materials in more depth.  I thought the information was presented clearly and succinctly."

    G.K., Clinical Psychologist, PhD, Private Practice

"You have definitely earned a happy new customer with your attention to customer service.  I will let my colleagues know to consider your company for their CE needs."

    D.B., Clinical Psychologist, PhD, Private Practice


“Thanks again for your help and support. I think I know how to do it now and will save your message for the future! You make it very user friendly! I'm better as a therapist than a computer person.”

    D.G., Clinical Psychologist, PhD, Private Practice

“I've learned something useful from each HealthForum course I've taken. Your variety of topics and authors is valuable.”

    D.W., Clinical Psychologist, PhD, Private Practice

“Thank you for this service. The courses are interesting, challenging and informative. The format is clear and easy to break up into short sessions when really pressed for time, as we all are.”

J.O., Clinical Psychologist, PhD, Program Administrator, State of Delaware


“Finally cost-effective, convienent and informative CE courses in behavioral medicine. Much needed.Thanks.”

C.S.,  Clinical Psychologist, PhD

“Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into answering my question about CEs.  I had put out several similar e-mails to other on-line providers, but received no other responses. Because of your investment into my question, I will send the therapists who work under me not only to your website as a resource, but also a note stating what great customer service your company provides. Much appreciated."

     D.C., Counselor, LPC


"Thanks very much for your help.  It's such a rare pleasure to get considerate, competent customer service!"

    S.J., Clinical Psychologist, PhD


“I've never taken online CE courses before, but your courses were easy to use and when I did need assistance, I got live help quickly!”

T.H.,  Social Worker, MSW


“Your ovarian cancer course was very helpful in giving me just the guidance necessary for my therapeutic work with a newly diagnosed patient. Thank you for this service.”

M.E.,  Clinical Psychologist, PhD


“You made the courses so interesting. They are solid. I will order some more of your programs in a few months.”

    W.W.,  Clinical Psychologist, PhD


"HealthForumOnline provided a perfect solution – fast, easy convenient CE credits on topics I actually care about! I couldn’t find a single course – even ones I would have had to cancel patients for – on the psychological aspects of diabetes in my area.  Thanks!"

    K.T., Clinical Psychologist, PhD


"The HealthForumOnline courses really address the mind-body connection and the need to treat the whole person. The customer service was terrific too!"

    A.R., Clinical Psychologist, PhD 


" I am blind and this was the first course I was able to complete independently."

    M S., MA/LMHC, Healthcare Facility 


"Thank you for your help last night. I have a time crunch on getting all my CEs by the end of the month and your quick response really saved the day. I will definitely continue to use HFO in the future."

    C.S., Psychologist, PhD, Healthcare Facility


"Just completed Cancer in the Couple: Clinical and Ethical Considerations in the Dyad and I was very impressed with how clear and understandable the material was to read and interpret. Thanks."

    L.S., Psychologist, Private Practice


"Your course on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy was a great introduction for me! I currently use DBT and find this approach similar, but I will look into applying this as well. Thank you!"

  A.S. Psychologist, Vericare Provider


"Loved the Positive Psychology online course - found it very well written, captivating and the best CE program I've done so far!"

   M.R. Social Worker, Hospital Setting