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Mindfulness-Based CE Workshops

Mindfulness MeditationHFO is pleased to partner with others in the community, such as The Penn Program for Mindfulness, to offer live APA-approved continuing education programs for mental health professionals. The Pennsylvania Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors allows APA-approved programs to be used as CE credits for these professionals.


The Penn Program for Mindfulness (PPM)

In 2018, HFO is pleased to co-sponsor the Winter & Spring Mindfulness-Based Stress Management programs with The Penn Program for Mindfulness (PPM) of The University of Pennsylvania. These 8-week programs are taught by professional instructors and presents simple and effective stress reduction techniques, based on the practice of mindfulness meditation, designed to enhance overall health and quality of life. The Mindfulness-Based Stress Management Programs are conducted three times per year (fall, winter and spring) in 8 convenient locations and are a thorough introduction to mindfulness meditation for personal and clinical application. Click here to view the current schedule calendar and more information about this program, including learning objectives, cost, dates, locations, registration information and associated APA-approved CEs.


In Spring 2018, HFO will be co-sponsoring a workshop for those with an advanced mindfulness practice, Practicum in Mindfulness-based Stress Management, a 9-week program this gives participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the process of learning mindfulness and mindfulness-based stress management. Taught by Karen Bowles, MD, Director of Professional Mindfulness Training, this workshop will provide a thorough grounding in the ways in which mindfulness is taught and learned. The program, offered in Fall and sometimes additionally in the Spring, combines the experience of a foundation mindfulness-based stress reduction workshop with analysis and discussion of the content and process.  Click here for more information about this program, including learning objectives, cost, dates, locations, and associated APA-approved CEs.


Past workshops have included Healing the Heart and MindThe Interplay of Ethics, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy Forgiveness and the Development of Peace and Mindfulness as Remembering, or the Profundity of Forgetfulness