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The Wellness Community-Southwest Florida’s John Kleinbaum Develops CEU Course in Collaboration with HealthForumOnline

John Kleinbaum, PhD, Program Director of TWC-Southwest Florida and Board Member of TWC - National, has developed an online continuing education course in partnership with HealthForumOnline, a web-based resource that provides continuing education (CEU) credits online for psychologists and other health professionals and offers a special focus on the practice of health psychology and behavioral medicine. The course, entitled Group Interventions for Cancer Patients , presents information on “the theoretical development and empirical evaluation of group interventions for cancer patients.”


HealthForumOnline’s collaboration with John was based on their initial desire to offer a CEU course that focused on the impact of group interventions in the cancer care community. John’s rich background and expertise in psyc hosocial oncology made him a perfect partner to develop such a course. John has been with TWCSouthwest Florida for three years and a Board Member of TWC-National for more than three years. As Program Director of the local facility, he is responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining the integrity of all programs offered at the local facility. John received both his BA in Psychology and his PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Minnesota and is affiliated with several prestigious associations, including the American Psychosocial Oncology Society and the American Psychological Association. For more information on the CEU course, Group Interventions for Cancer Patients, click here. To download or view the original PDF of this story, click here.