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Cancer in the Couple: Clinical and Ethical Considerations within the Dyad
by Stacey Hart, PhD 5 CE Credits
$105.00 More Course Details
Discussing Fertility Preservation and Related Concerns with Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients: Implications for Quality of Life
by Gwendolyn P. Quinn, PhD & Susan T. Vadaparampil, PhD 2 CE Credits
$50.00 More Course Details
Enhancing Adaptation to Ovarian Cancer: A Clinician’s Guide
by Sandy Corbett-Feite, MS, LPC, NCC, Michelle Rodoletz, PhD, & Laura Stanton, PhD 2 CE Credits
$50.00 More Course Details
Ethically Assisting Patients in Decision-Making in the Context of Medical Uncertainty: Statistics vs. Values
by Michelle Rodoletz, PhD & Michael A. Diefenbach, PhD  3 CE Credits
$75.00 More Course Details
Group Interventions for Cancer Patients
by John Kleinbaum, PhD 4 CE Credits
$95.00 More Course Details
Prostate Cancer: Psychosocial Issues and Methods of Promoting Adaptation
by Jeff Kendall, PsyD 3 CE Credits
$75.00 More Course Details
Psychological Care of the Breast Cancer Patient
by Laura Stanton, PhD and Michelle Rodoletz, PhD 3 CE Credits
$75.00 More Course Details
The Psychological Care of the Cancer Patient: Coping Across the Cancer Spectrum
by Michelle Rodoletz, PhD & Laura Stanton, PhD 5 CE Credits
$105.00 More Course Details
The Psychosocial Needs of Women Undergoing Genetic Counseling and Testing in the Breast Cancer Context
by Susan T. Vadaparampil, PhD & Gwendolyn P. Quinn, PhD 2 CE Credits
$50.00 More Course Details