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About HealthForumOnline

HealthForumOnline understands the importance of an interdisciplinary team approach to health. Psychologists, counselors, social workers, marital and family therapists and other allied healthcare providers can play a pivotal role in promoting emotional health and physical adjustment to disease. We also know that as busy professionals, it can be costly and time consuming to get the training you need to stay current in your field and meet your professional continuing education (CE) requirements. Our goal is to provide nationally approved (APA-approved, NBCC-approved, ASWB-approved, NYSED approved), cost-effective, accessible, and high quality CE courses and credits to psychologists, counselors, social workers, marital and family therapists and other healthcare professionals so they can meet their practice and professional needs.


HealthForum Staff

Each clinical psychologist on HealthForum’s staff is trained in the assessment, design, and administration of psychological interventions aimed at enhancing adjustment to life-threatening and/or life-altering medical illnesses by promoting psychological, as well as physical, health. Together, they represent over three decades of research experience and clinical practice in the field of behavioral medicine.
Michelle Rodoletz, PhD

Michelle Rodoletz, PhD - Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Co-founder and Director of HealthForum’s Continuing Education Program. Dr. Rodoletz is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Research Consultant and Clinical Psychologist at Philadelphia’s Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC), one of the country’s leading cancer centers, as well as an adjunct member of the Temple University School of Medicine faculty. Formerly, she served as the Associate Director of the Psychosocial and Behavioral Medicine Program at FCCC. Her clinical and research experiences include work with diverse cancer populations such as breast, ovarian, prostate, and colorectal cancer patients and their families. Her clinical interests and expertise span the cancer continuum and include high-risk populations; genetic testing; enhancing adherence to health-related behaviors; individual, couples, and group psychotherapy to reduce the burden of medical illness; and psychological assessment.

photo: Paul Reitano

Laura Stanton, PhD Laura Stanton, PhD – Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Co-founder and Associate Director of HealthForum's Continuing Education Program. Her clinical and research experience have included positions such as Scientific Research Associate at Fox Chase Cancer Center and Staff Psychologist at The Renfrew Center, Philadelphia, a nationally recognized facility dedicated to the care of eating disorders. Her primary areas of clinical interest and therapeutic expertise include individual and group therapy among medically ill populations, the diagnosis and management of eating disorders, and psychological assessment. She continues to serve as a Clinical Interventionist at FCCC. Interests: clinical interventions for eating disorders; adaptation to medical illness.

Rona Bernstein, PsyD Rona Bernstein, PsyD - Licensed Clinical Psychologist, President of PsychEditing, a copyediting business specializing in psychological and educational materials. Dr. Bernstein works with publishing companies, independent authors, university faculty members, and organizations to enhance the quality of their publications. Prior to becoming a full-time editor, Dr. Bernstein worked as a psychologist for over 20 years, the majority of which she served as the director of psychological services at a large K–12 school. Interests: school psychology, neurodevelopmental disorders, Tourette syndrome, anxiety disorders, psychoeducational evaluation, character education, and staff development.

Andrea Cincotta, MS Andrea Cincotta, MS - HealthForumOnline's Senior Behavioral Health Researcher and Technical Writer. Ms. Cincotta holds a Masters in Health Psychology from the University of the Sciences. Her research experience includes a study of the effects of a mindfulness-based stress management program on pre-sleep cognitive arousal and insomnia symptoms. Prior to joining HealthForumOnline, she was a Research and Program Coordinator for the Penn Program for Mindfulness at the University of Pennsylvania and a Community Health Advisor for Peace Corps Zambia (2003-2006) and Liberia (2010). Interests: global health and international development, use of complementary and alternative therapies in behavioral health.

Program Planning Committee/Authors

HealthForum's Planning Committee and collaborative authors consist of experts from diverse backgrounds and professional disciplines, with research and clinical experience in a variety of disease models. Our Planning Committee is a primary mechanism whereby we can acknowledge and recognize mental healthcare provider's distinct needs with regard to CE content areas, as well as ensure the high quality of our CE program.

Heidi Ardern, PhD Heidi Ardern, PhD – Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Associate Director of Krupnick Counseling Associates & WorkWise Employee Assistance Program in Longmont, Colorado. Dr. Ardern works primarily with clients struggling with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, relationship problems, identity distress, hoarding, and chronic health issues. She has published and presented on topics related to anxiety – in particular, traumatic stress – as well as chronic pain, correctional mental health, relationships, and working with law enforcement. She has lectured internationally on PTSD and human trafficking, volunteers in disaster mental health with the American Red Cross, and performs evaluations of asylum seekers in the United States. Dr. Ardern has over ten years of experience working in correctional, forensic, inpatient mental health, community mental health, and medical settings. Interests: PTSD, Hoarding Disorder, disaster mental health, integrated care/primary care psychology, law enforcement psychology.

Tinesha Banks, MPH Tinesha Banks, MPH – VP, Health Access and Service Delivery, AccessMatters (previously Family Planning Council); Former Deputy Executive Director of the Health Promotion Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Inc. (HPC); Adjunct Professor, Temple University. Interests: Health communication among minority populations, with a special emphasis on health literacy and patient-provider communication; cultural responsiveness as it relates to health professionals; social marketing; and human sexuality.

Bill E. Beckwith, PhD Bill E. Beckwith, PhDClinical Psychologist, Co-Founder of Memory Management, Faculty of Renaissance Academy at Florida Gulf Coast University. Member of the National Speakers Association and lecturer on diverse topics related to aging and memory. Former Professor of Psychology at the University of North Dakota. He has published extensively in the area of neuropharmacology of learning and memory. Interests: psychopharmacology, neuropeptides, aging, learning & memory, early detection of memory disorders, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and dementias.

Risa Beckwith, PsyD MPH Risa Beckwith, PsyD, MPH Clinical/Community Psychologist, Vice President of Operations, IT, and Client Services, Gateway Learning Group, San Francisco, CA; Former Adjunct Faculty, Adler School of Professional Psychology; Dr. Beckwith has worked with national leaders on projects focusing on scientific literacy, health literacy and survey research and lectures on the socially responsible implementation of community programs. Interests: developmental disabilities; behavioral pediatrics; bioethics, health care economics and law, cultural competence in interviewing and assessment, and the integration of evidence based practice.

Stella Bitran, PhD Stella Bitran, PhD Licensed Psychologist; Staff, Psychiatry Department, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH); Instructor in Psychology, Harvard Medical School; Staff, The Counseling Center of Nashua; Former Clinical and Research Fellow, the Depression Clinical and Research Program (DCRP) at MGH and at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Bitran, a nationally-recognized speaker and published author on anxiety and mood disorder, is an expert in Cognitive-behavioral Therapy (CBT). In addition, she has had extensive training and experience in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), a therapeutic intervention aimed at emotion regulation. Dr. Bitran often incorporates strategies from CBT and DBT, such as mindfulness, into her therapeutic framework when treating patients across a variety of settings and environments. Dr. Bitran is fluent in Portuguese and frequently conducts treatment in her native language to meet cross-cultural needs. Interests: psychosocial interventions for anxiety and depression such as CBT and DBT, unified treatments for the emotional disorders and the assessment of emotion regulation processes, multi-cultural factors and components to psychological treatments and well-being. Associated links: The Counseling Center of Nashua.

Stanley H. Block, MD Stanley H. Block, MD Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Utah School of Medicine; Board-certified psychiatrist and psychoanalyst; Co-creator of Mind-Body Bridging. Dr. Block is a consultant on the medical staff at U.S. Army and Veterans Administration Hospitals. He lectures and consults with treatment centers worldwide and is co-author of the ground breaking books Mind-Body Workbook for PTSD: A 10-Week Program for Healing After Trauma, Mind-Body Workbook for Stress: Effective Tools for Lifelong Stress Reduction and Crisis Management (in press), and the bestselling, award winning book Come to Your Senses: Demystifying the Mind-Body Connection. Interests: Application of the "I-System Model" to facilitate Mind-Body Bridging in medical, psychiatric, and other at-risk populations.

Bret A. Boyer, PhD Bret A. Boyer, PhD – Clinical Psychologist; Assistant Professor at the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology and Coordinator, Health Psychology Concentration at Widener University, Chester, PA.; Founder & Director, The Family Health Psychology Center, Philadelphia, PA; Consulting Psychologist, Integrated Diabetes Services, Wynnewood, PA. Editor of Comprehensive Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology. Interests: Psychological factors regarding management of Diabetes; treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) secondary to medical stress; ethical and legal issues surrounding medically based PTSD. Associated links: Widener University's Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology.

Ayana Bradshaw, MPH Ayana Bradshaw, MPHAdminstrative Director for the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; Adjunct Professor, Temple University. Interests: Low income and minority populations, human sexuality, violence prevention, addictions and recovery.

Paulomi Campbell, PhD Paulomi Campbell, PhD –Health Psychologist, Psychological Health Services in Brookfield, WI; Adjunct Faculty, Marquette University, School of Dentistry. Dr Campbell brings a unique skill set to her work with clients, having been trained in both western and eastern psychology, providing whole-person clinical services that respect the complex relationship between behavior, thought, mood, spirituality and physiology.  With a background in counseling and community psychology with a focus in health psychology, she is  trained in several empirically-based therapy techniques and has additional research experience and training in meditation and mindfulness psychology. Interests: clinical applications of mindfulness meditation, integrative medicine.

Julia Cochran, PhD Julia Cochran, PhD – Licensed Professional Counselor; Therapist and Clinical Supervisor in Private Practice near Savannah, GA; Mental Health Consultant, Georgia Head Start; Adjunct Faculty, Department of Psychology, Armstrong Atlantic State University (armstrong.edu); Disaster Mental Health Instructor, American Red Cross. Interests: Critical incident response, autism spectrum, hidden disabilities, intercultural relations, spirituality and mental health.

Sandra Corbett Feite, MS

Sandra Corbett Feite, MS – Counseling Therapist, Former Program Coordinator and Oncology Group Therapist, Gilda's Club Delaware Valley, PA. Former Psycho-Oncology Consultant, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA, Board Member for National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, Philadelphia Division. Interests: Psychological interventions for ovarian cancer; interventions for cancer "couples”.

Darcy Cox, PsyD, ABPP-CN Darcy Cox, PsyD, RPsych, ABPP-CN – Board-certified Clinical Neuropsychologist in the Department of Psychiatry at Vancouver General Hospital, British Columbia. Dr. Cox is also licensed in California and Nevada. She maintains a part-time forensic practice in the United States.  Interests: Clinical neuropsychological assessment, coping with injection anxiety, and the relationship between MS-related neuropathology and cognitive difficulties. Associated links: www.darcycox.com

  Kimberley Cox, PhD – Social Psychologist; Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Southern Oregon University; Consultant, Department of Health and Human Services, Jackson County, OR. Interests: Application of social psychological knowledge and techniques to the understanding of social problems (e.g., inequality); social context of health; community-based research.

Colin A. Depp, PhD Colin A. Depp, PhD – Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Diego; Staff Psychologist in the VA San Diego providing clinical services, training, and research functions in the ASPIRE Center, a residential treatment program for homeless returning Veterans. Deputy Director of the Education and Training Division of UC San Diego’s Clinical and Translational Research Institute and faculty member at UCSD’s Sam and Rose Stein Institute for Research on Aging. Interests: Mental health and aging, behavioral interventions to enhance medication adherence, bipolar disorder, caregiving, successful aging.

Michael Diefenbach, PhD

Michael Diefenbach, PhD – Social/Health Psychologist; Professor, Center for Health Innovations and Outcomes Research (CHIOR), The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research; Director, Behavioral Research, Department of Medicine & Urology; Professor, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell. Interests: Prostate cancer patient decision-making; spousal role in health care; design, development and implementation of health communications using traditional and innovative delivery mode.

Anne Dohrenwend, PhD, ABPP Anne Dohrenwend, PhD, ABPP – Licensed Counseling Psychologist, APA Board Certification in Clinical Health Psychology. Assistant Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program and Director of Behavioral Medicine at McLaren-Flint; Associate Professor at Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine, which is affiliated with McLaren medical center. Dr. Dohrenwend treats patients with a broad range of mental health problems, while specializing in areas where medicine and psychology overlap, such as chronic illnesses, competency, medical trauma, medical education, and health disparities, particularly related to sexual and gender orientation. She has developed a special interest in violence and working with victims of violence through her work with patients in the Flint area which has the unfortunate distinction of ranking first in the country for violent crime.  Published on a variety of topics related to health psychology in high impact journals (e.g., JAMA, Academic Medicine, Family Medicine, Journal of Pain), she recently published her first book, Coming Around: Parenting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Kids. Interests: clinical health psychology, LGBT issues, violence prevention/intervention.

JoAnne Epping-Jordan, PhD JoAnne Epping-Jordan, PhD – Clinical psychologist and independent health consultant. Previously, led the World Health Organization's global initiatives on improving health care for chronic conditions from 2002 to 2005, and on advocacy and communications for chronic diseases and health promotion from 2005 to 2007. Author of numerous scientific articles in high impact journals such as JAMA, BMJ and The Lancet, as well as writer/editor for several high profile World Health Organization publications. Interests: chronic disease prevention and management models, improving health care delivery systems, applying behavioral science know-how in novel ways to shape populations’ beliefs and behaviors around different health issues.

Randall W. Evans, PhD, ABPP Randall W. Evans, PhD, ABPP – Clinical Neuropsychologist, Board Certified in Rehabilitation Psychology, Fellow of the National Academy of Neuropsychology. Formerly President of Randall Evans & Associates, PLLC.  Formerly a Research Fellow with the National Institutes of Health where his research focused on neuro-pharmacology and neuro-psychological test development. Publications include works appearing in the New England Journal of Medicine, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Developmental Neurology, and a host of other peer review journals. Interests: Brain injury rehabilitation, neuropsychological test development.  

Patricia A. Farrell, PhD Patricia A. Farrell, PhD – Clinical Psychologist; Dr. Farrell has presented and published in the areas of physical illness and psychological disorders in the elderly, stress, disability determinations, and geriatric mental health issues. Formerly, the national clinical monitor for several multi-site protocols for the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease (Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NYC), she is the WebMD Moderator for Anxiety/Panic Disorders Board, a medical consultant to Social Security Div. of Disability Determinations and a published book author. She has over 25 years direct-service experience in all areas of adult mental health services including psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, CMHCs, EAPs and forensic settings. Interests: anxiety disorders, geropsychiatry, organic mental disorders, psychoneuroimmunology. Associated links: Dr. Patricia A. Farrell

Rebecca Ferrer, PhD Rebecca Ferrer, PhD – Health Scientist/Program Director at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences, Behavioral Research Program, Basic Biobehavioral and Psychological Sciences Branch. Dr. Ferrer's program of research centers on social psychological processes in health-related judgment and decision making, and behavior change. She is particularly interested in examining the associations among emotion and cognition, including how emotion might moderate the association between cognitions, including social cognitions, and health behavior. Her program of research reflects a multidisciplinary approach, drawing from the fields of decision science, social psychology, and health psychology. Interests: association between emotion and cognition in health-related decisions, narrative expressive therapy, promoting resilience, self-affirmation interventions.

Paula Finestone, PhD

Paula Finestone, PhD – Clinical Health Psychologist with over fifteen years experience in primary care, physical medicine/rehabilitation, healthcare consulting, and private practice settings. Staff Clinical Psychologist at Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital Malvern, PA. Interests: Coping skills in caregivers; burnout prevention for healthcare professionals; pain and symptom management in cancer patients; palliative and hospice care.

Cheryl L. Fracasso, MS Cheryl L. Fracasso, PhD – Psychologist at the State of Washington, Developmental Disabilities Administration at Rainier School; Faculty member at University of Phoenix; Advisory Board Member for NeuroQuantology and the American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (ACISTE). She is currently conducting an international study on near-death experiences (NDEs) with Kenneth Ring and other co-researchers on electromagnetic and physiological aftereffects of these experiences. In addition, she has served as Principal Investigator for three studies on NDEs that have explored clinicians’ knowledge of NDE aftereffects and therapeutic implications, cultural variations of NDEs from a Muslim/Iranian perspective, and integration issues associated with various physiological aftereffects. Interests: near-death experiences; spiritually transformative experiences; energy medicine; electromagnetic hypersensitivity; and developing training initiates for practitioners in a therapeutic/clinical setting to enhance awareness and multicultural sensitivity when working with the NDE population.

Risa Fridy, MD Risa Laurel Fridy, MD – Adolescent Medicine Physician, Adolescent-Young Adult Medicine Private Medical Practice and Clinical Instructor, Department of Pediatrics, Mount Sinai Hospital, Icahn School of Medicine, New York, NY.  Dr. Fridy practices clinical adolescent medicine, focusing on reproductive health care and management of menstrual irregularities, eating disorders, and substance use. She has published on adolescent use of long-acting reversible contraception, sexually transmitted infections among at-risk adolescents, and the effects of sexual dysfunction on illness representations and interpersonal relationships. Interests: adolescent medicine; reproductive health; contraception; risk perceptions and stigmas surrounding sexually transmitted infections; sexual dysfunction; eating disorders.

Harris L. Friedman, PhD, ABPP Harris L. Friedman, PhD, ABPPClinical Psychologist; Research Professor (retired) in the Counseling Psychology Program at the University of Florida, Instructor of Psychology and Sociology, South Florida Community College and Professor Emeritus at Saybrook Graduate School. Dr. Friedman is a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology, as well as a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. He is Co--Editor of the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies and Associate Editor of The Humanistic Psychologist. He has written or edited over 100 professional publications, including papers, chapters, and books. His recognitions include receiving the Best Paper of the Year 2002 Award from the Organizational Development Journal. He also is involved in numerous social/environmental causes and received the Florida Psychological Association's 2003 award for "Outstanding Contributions in the Public Interest." Interests: near death experiences, spirituality and health, transpersonal and humanistic psychology.

Florence Gelo, DMin Florence Gelo, DMinAssociate Professor, Department of Family, Community & Preventive Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA. Clinical Interventionist at FCCC. Interests: The relationship between religion and spirituality and coping; coping with chronic and terminal illness.

Dana Gionta, PhD Dana Gionta, PhD – Psychologist and personal coach specializing in health and wellness. Dr. Gionta has a broad educational foundation in psychology, systems theory, and business, which provides her with unique conceptual, interpersonal and organizational assessment, and intervention skills. She has worked as a clinician, educator, researcher, and consultant to individuals, families and organizations of diverse cultural backgrounds with varied stages of change and goals. Author of, Medical Staff-Family Health Communication in Cancer: Psychometric, Model and Mediational Testing, published by VDM Verlag Dr. Müller and co-author of From Stress to Centered. Dr. Gionta has also served on the APA's "Business of Practice Network" committee to contribute to the further development of healthy psychological workplaces. Interests: Medical decision-making and doctor-patient-family communication; cultural issues in health; stress and immunology; and the integration of psychology, family systems and medicine. Associated links: Dana Gionta, Ph.D.

Janet Graves, BS, Nursing Janet Graves, BS, Nursing – Program Director Eating Disorders Service, Friends Hospital, Philadelphia, PA; Assistant Program Director, Eating Disorders Treatment Center, Marlton, NJ. Interests: Inpatient and outpatient treatment of Eating Disorders using integrated behavioral medicine and multidisciplinary approaches.

Jonathan Hammersley, PhD Jonathan Hammersley, PhDAssistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Western Illinois University; Advisor for Substance Abuse Program, Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience Blogger, www.onyourminds.com.  Editorial Board member, Tobacco Use Insights and an ad hoc reviewer for the journals Clinical Medicine Insights: Psychiatry and Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment. Dr. Hammersley has co-authored a number journal articles and conference presentations and formally coordinated grant-funded research projects in the areas of psychopharmacology and integrative neuroscience, performed psychological assessments for the state of Illinois, and conducted clinical trial research in the psychiatry department at Indiana University School of Medicine. Interests: smoking cessation; influences of substance use (i.e., nicotine and caffeine), personality, psychopathology, and genetics (i.e., DRD2 genotype) on affect and neurocognition; the interaction of attention and emotion; using computerized programs to assess attention and emotional distractibility; rural mental health. 

Kelly Harris, MSS, LCSW Kelly Harris, MSS, LCSWCEO, Member of the Board of Directors for Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia (Formerly Gilda's Club Delaware Valley), PA. Interests: Clinical program planning and development, emotional trauma resulting from illness, GLBT issues.

Stacey Hart, PhD Stacey Hart, PhD – Clinical Health Psychologist, Professor in the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. Interests: Cancer survivorship, posttraumatic growth and posttraumatic stress symptoms in cancer patients, colorectal cancer, couples dynamics in the face of cancer, cognitive-behavioral therapy for medically-ill individuals, quality of life in chronic illness.

Bernadette Hayburn, PsyD Bernadette Hayburn, PsyD Clinical Psychologist, Sprinfield Psychological, Havertown, PA. Coordinator of Evidence-Based Treatments at the Coatesville VA, PA. Dr. Hayburn has a diverse background which includes work with varied medical populations (e.g., heart transplant candidates) and providing individual, group, and family interventions to veterans with severe mental illness. Dr. Hayburn has developed and implemented a behaviorally-based weight management program for people with Schizophrenia and has lectured extensively on this topic. Interests: psychological assessment, weight management, gastric bypass surgery, and health promotion in people with severe mental illness.

Coreena Hendrickson, LCSW Coreena Hendrickson, LCSW – Director of Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services, Division of Adolescent Medicine, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles; Adjunct Faculty, Antioch University, Los Angeles, CA. She has served on the National Child Traumatic Stress Network’s Adolescent Trauma and Substance Abuse Committee and currently works with homeless youth, including many LGBT adolescents, who have been exposed to complex trauma. She is committed to advancing the principals of harm reduction in publically funding substance abuse and mental health programs. Interests: harm reduction; the treatment of adolescents and adults with severe and persistent, often co-occurring, mental illness.

Kellie Hilker, PhD Kellie Hilker, PhD – Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director, JSS Behavioral Services, North Charleston, SC. Dr. Hilker has presented and published extensively in the area of pediatric psychology. Formerly on staff at the Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, Maryland. She has served as an ad-hoc reviewer on the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology and the Journal of Pediatric PsychologyInterests: Pediatric psychology; pediatric feeding disorders; adherence to medical regimens; pediatric cancer; and pediatric sickle cell disease.

Kathleen Holland, PsyD

Kathleen Holland, PsyD – Licensed Psychologist; Credentialed School Psychologist; and Licensed Educational Psychologist. Dr. Holland, a Diplomat of the American College of Forensic Examiners-International and a Member of the American College of Forensic Psychologists, is currently in private practice in Sebastopol, California. Interests: Psychological Assessment; Expert Testimony; Consultation and Behavioral Analysis; School Psychology.

Shallimar Jones, PhD Shallimar Jones, PhD – Licensed Pediatric Psychologist, Faculty Military Medicine, San Antonio, TX. Dr. Jones has worked domestically and overseas providing services to children and families. Her work also includes hospital settings, outpatient clinics, and training with civilian and military populations. Interests: Psychological complications of medical illness, military families, LGBT issues, assessment, clinical psychology in schools, children/adolescents and families.

Ann Jorn, PhD Ann Jorn, PhD – Psychologist and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapist. Dr. Jorn's work has focused on pain management since 1993. She developed and coordinated the psychological services for the Pain Institute at Jersey Shore Medical Center of Meridian Health Systems, NJ. and later, working closely in an interdisciplinary model, developed assessment and treatment services for patients at the Comprehensive Pain Management Program at Mercy Medical Center in Springfield, MA. A well-known lecturer in pain management and chronic illness, she currently has a private practice in Berkshire County, MA. Dr. Jorn completed her Fellowship training with Dr. Albert Ellis founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and father of cognitive behavioral therapy at the Albert Ellis Institute in NYC. She is currently a member of the American Pain Society and Fellow of The Albert Ellis Institute. Interests: pain management, chronic illness, rational emotive therapy. Associated links. http://www.rebtberkshires.org/about-ann-c-jorn-phd-rebt-therapist/

Brian M. Kelley, PhD Brian M. Kelley, PhD – Experimental Biological Psychologist; Department Chair, Neuroscience Program Advisor, and Associate Professor of Psychology at Bridgewater College. Former faculty member in the Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Medical University of South Carolina and medical research fellow at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. An award winning and widely-published researcher in the field of chemical dependency, most of his work focuses on substance abuse issues across the lifespan. Dr. Kelley currently serves as a reviewer for several medical journals including Life Sciences, Biological Psychiatry, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, and Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior, and on the editorial board of Neurotoxicology and Teratology. Author of Substance Abuse Across the Lifespan: A Biopsychosocial Approach, published by BVT. Interests: neuroscience, toxicology, pharmacology, interdisciplinary research, substance abuse across the lifespan.

Jeff Kendall, PsyD Jeff Kendall, PsyD – Licensed Psychologist; Director, Oncology Support Services, University of Minnesota Cancer Care. Over the course of his career, Dr. Kendall has directed oncology supportive care departments within NCI-Designated comprehensive cancer centers, academic medical centers, and community cancer centers. He joined the University of Minnesota Cancer Care program in 2016 where he is dedicated to addressing the impact of cancer on individuals and families. His professional time is divided among direct patient care, program administration, program development, and research collaboration. To raise awareness of the needs of cancer patients, he speaks nationally and internationally and has published extensively on topics related to psychosocial oncology and cancer survivorship. As a nationally recognized thought leader in his field, Dr. Kendall serves on committees for the American Psychosocial Oncology Society, the Association of Community Cancer Centers, the American Cancer Society as well as the Board of Suite Hope. Interests: cancer survivorship, adjustment to chronic illness, individual and couples coping mechanisms, end of life issues.

John Kleinbaum, PhD John Kleinbaum, PhD – Clinical Psychologist, Former Program Director of Cancer Support Community - Florida Suncoast (fomerly The Wellness Community of Southwest Florida), National board member of The Wellness Community, Former faculty of the University of Minnesota. Interests: Group treatment for cancer patients, working with the male cancer patient, caregivers and bereavement support groups.

Judy Koenigsberg, PhD Judy Koenigsberg, PhD –Licensed Clinical Psychologist; Holds graduate degrees in psychology, linguistics, and education. Dr. Koenigsberg has served as a staff psychologist at The University of Chicago where she offered psychotherapy to undergraduate and graduate students and reviewed research papers for the Big Ten Conference. While employed at Loyola University of Chicago, she taught graduate-level research design, methodology, and statistics. Dr. Koenigsberg is the author of several journal articles and chapters in the Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders. More recently, she co-authored the book, My Heart Diary:  Strategies For Healthy Living, with David I. Koenigsberg, M.D. Interests: Health psychology, computational models in psycholinguistics, statistics.

Andrew Kolbasovsky, PsyD Andrew Kolbasovsky, PsyD – Clinical Psychologist, Director of Mental Health Disease Management and Clinical Development, EmblemHealth, New York. Author of A Mental Health Provider's Guide to Working with Managed Care. Interests: The behavioral health needs of diabetics, integrating behavioral health and primary care medical services. 

Heidemarie Kremer, MD, PhD Heidemarie Kremer, MD, PhD – Visiting Scientist at the Department of Psychology, University of Miami, FL; Member of the German AIDS Society and the European AIDS Treatment Group. Formerly a physician in Inner Medicine in Germany, she holds a PhD in Bioscience and a PhD in Psychology. Interests: Psychobiological factors relating to living with HIV; sex and gender differences in HIV/AIDS; patient involvement in medical decision-making; coping with chronic disease; the impact of spirituality on coping with chronic disease; biographical transformations in the face of chronic disease.  

Laurie A. LaMonde, PhD Laurie A. LaMonde, PhD Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Dr. LaMonde has published and presented on a wide-range of topics within behavioral medicine including women’s health issues (i.e., postpartum depression) and the psychological sequelae associated with medical illness (i.e., cancer, cardiac disease, dementia, immunological disorders). Interests: Improving screening for risk of postpartum depression, promoting health-related behaviors (e.g., adherence to cancer screening regimens, anger management among cardiac rehabilitation/myocardial infarction patients). Associated links: Mothers of Super Twins (MOST).

Erik Lande, PhD Erik Lande, PhD Neuropsychologist, Pacific Neuroscience Medical Group and Rehabilitation Institute at Santa Barbara, CA. Adjunct faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Interests: Brain injury and illness rehabilitation, dementia, assessment of effort in testing. Associated links: Insight Neuropsychology.

  Dennis Lee, PhD  Clinical and Consulting Psychologist, Open Arms Healthcare Center, San Diego. Former Adjunct Faculty at San Francisco State University; Fresno State University; Embry-Riddle Aeronautical; National University. An expert in Chemical Dependency and Addictions, Dr. Lee has conducted numerous NA (Narcotics Anonymous encompassing heroin and ecstasy abusers) and CA (Crack Cocaine Anonymous) groups. Additionally, Dr. Lee writes an Internet column for Kids Foundation and is the author of a book subtitled, "Everything About Headshrinking Without Getting Psyched Out." Interests: chemical dependency/substance abuse, children, youth, families, psychological testing.

  Ellen G. Levine, PhD, MPH Licensed Clinical (Medical) Psychologist and epidemiologist. Senior Scientist at the Biobehavioral Research Center, San Francisco State University. Interests: Psychosocial oncology, lupus, coping, health disparities.

  Ronit Levy, PsyD Clinical Director, Bucks County Anxiety Center, Newtown, PA. Trained at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine of NYU Medical Center, Dr. Levy specializes in the treatment of individuals, and their families, adjusting to medical trauma (e.g., acquired brain injury, neuro-trauma, stroke, pain syndromes, cancer). She also has extensive experience conducting psychological and neuropsychological evaluations and neuro-rehabilitation. Formerly on the faculty at Stern College for Women of Yeshiva University. Interests: Trauma and post-traumatic growth, enhancing adjustment to disability, compassion fatigue in psychologists, and women’s mental health.

Lauren Lucas, PhD Lauren Lucas, PhD – Licensed Psychologist; Diplomate, American Academy of Pain Management; Former Adjunct Professor of Psychology, University of North Florida. Interests: Nonpharmacological treatment of pain syndromes; the clinical application of positive psychology principles. Associated links: Lauren Lucas, PhD.

Kate Lund, PsyD Kate Lund, PsyD – Licensed Clinical Psychologist; Certified Wellness Coach; Former Staff Psychologist, Western Washington Medical Group. Dr. Lund has extensive experience working with people of all ages living with illness and physical disability, with a particular interest and expertise in families facing the illness or physical disability of a child. Focusing on strengths and evidence-based techniques, she helps patients navigate challenges while recognizing possibility. She lives on the North Shore of Boston with her husband, twin boys, and Airedale and is currently working on two upcoming books entitled, Heartbeat: One Man's Journey through a Heart Transplant and Beyond and Diagnosis Thriving: A Roadmap to Living well with Chronic Illness. Interests: Health psychology; pediatric coping and resilience; ethics as it relates to the intersection of psychology and coaching.

Michelle Heffner Macera, PhD

Michelle Heffner Macera, PhDLicensed clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harrisburg Area Community College. Author of The Anorexia Workbook and co-author of a professional treatment manual, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Body Image Dissatisfaction. Interests: Application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to treat eating disorders.

Michelle McGuire, PsyD

Michelle McGuire, PsyDClinical Psychologist and Cinical Director, Creative Behavioral Connections, Las Vegas, NV. Dr. McGuire has a diverse background working with a number of different populations, including serious mental illness, developmental and intellectual disabilities, and chemical dependency. As a psychologist for the State of Nevada, she serves as a consultant and staff supervisor, as well as conducts eligibility evaluations on individuals applying for developmental/intellectual disability services and/or other psychological referrals. She has provided individual, group, couples and family therapy to children as young as 4 and elders well into their 80's across a variety of settings: private practice, community agencies, residential programs, inpatient and outpatient programs, and federal prison. She is adept in the utilization of psychological testing for individuals, organizations, courts, and educational systems. Interests: psychological assessment, forensics, intellectual and developmental disabilities, chemical dependency, PTSD, and diversity issues.

Patrick McNamara, PhD Patrick McNamara, PhD Director of Evolutionary Neurobehavior Laboratory, Department of Neurology, Boston University School of Medicine and the VA New England Healthcare System. Trained in neurolinguistics and brain-cognitive correlation techniques, he developed an evolutionary approach to problems of brain and behavior. He has published extensively in this area, as well as pioneered the investigation of the role of the frontal lobes in mediation of religious experience. He serves as Series Editor for the Praeger series of books on the evolutionary and biological roots of religion, Where God and Science Meet: How Brain and Evolutionary Studies Alter Our Understanding of Religion and is the author of Nightmares: The Science and Solution of Those Frightening Visions during Sleep (Brain, Behavior, and Evolution). Interests: The evolution of the frontal lobes, the evolution of the two mammalian sleep states (REM and NREM) and the evolution of religion in human cultures.

Jeremy Mirsky, PhD Jeremy Mirsky, PhDLicensed Clinical Psychologist, Division of Behavioral Medicine, Reliant Medical Group, Worcester, MA. Interests: Behavioral medicine; chronic pain management; presurgical psychological evaluations; psychological/behavioral factors in medical rehabilitation; depression in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Elizabeth L. Moore, PhD Elizabeth L. Moore, PhDClinical Psychologist. Coordinator of Educational Programs, The Institute of Living, Hartford, CT. Interests: social anxiety disorder, anxiety sequelae of traumatic brain injury, impact of premorbid hypochondriasis on coping and prognosis in those diagnosed with a serious medical condition, the Stage of Change Model as it applies to smoking cessation.

Robert A. Moss, Ph.D., ABN, ABPP Robert A. Moss, PhD, ABN, ABPP – Clinical Neuropsychologist, Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, Greenville, SC; Owner of Center for Emotional Restructuring, LLC. He is the Editor-in-Chief of AIMS Neuroscience. A Diplomate in Clinical Psychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology and a Diplomate through the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology, Dr. Moss has authored numerous professional articles and has presented at a variety of national and international professional meetings. Interests: applications of brain-based theory to psychopathology and psychological treatment; psychotherapy integration; neuroscience; neuropsychology.

Brad Mossbarger, PhD Brad Mossbarger, PhD – Staff Psychologist, Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center. Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN. Dr. Mossbarger has published articles on control and well-being in assisted living settings, proposed revisions to the GAF scale, and Internet addiction. He has served as contributing editor for collegiate text on abnormal psychology.  Interests:  Adaptations of older persons to retirement, changes of residence, and other late-life transitions; social cognition and control strategies in coping during old age; psychotherapy outcomes with older adults.

Neha Navsaria, PhD Neha Navsaria, PhDClinical Director, SYNCHRONY Project, Co-Director Psychotherapy Training Clinic & Seminar, & Assistant Professor in Psychiarty, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis. Dr. Navsaria completed a fellowship in pediatric psychology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She has presented at numerous conferences on issues related to cultural competency, health psychology and immigrant and refugee mental health. She currently serves as the co-chair for the Division on South Asian Americans within the Asian American Psychological Association and is a member of the Diversity Committee for the Society of Pediatric Psychology (APA Division 54). Interests: risk factors and resiliency in children, adolescents and young adults, pediatric and health psychology, Asian-American populations, immigrant and refugee mental health, multicultural issues in counseling and health care and cultural competency training.

Amy J. Neil, MS, MAP Amy J. Neil, MS, MAP – Psychotherapist; medical writer specializing in patient education. Author: The Adopter’s Handbook, published by the British Association for Adoption and Fostering. Interests: therapeutic application of experiential theory in illness; clinical research in psychoneuroimmunologic effects of experiential modalities; psychophysiologic effects of disrupted attachment and of trauma.

  Fred Nolen, PhD – Adjunct Faculty, Ivy Tech, Bloomington, Indiana. Formerly, Adjunct Faculty at Spalding University and the University of Indiana, Dr. Nolen has taught, presented and extensively published in the areas of psychological disorders, trauma, and forensics. In addition to his academic career, he has over 35 years direct clinical experience in practice and forensic settings. Interests: forensic psychology, combat-related trauma; diagnosis, treatment, and management of psychological disorders.

Christopher N. Ochner, PhD Christopher N. Ochner, PhD – Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and Research Associate at the NY Obesity Research Center, NY, NY.  Former Adjunct Professor, Drexel University and The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PA. Former staff member of the University of Pennsylvania Weight and Eating Disorder Center, Philadelphia, PA. Interests: prevention of weight gain, neural control of eating, environmental obesity treatment, and weight loss maintenance.

M. Indira Paharia, PsyD, MBA, MS M. Indira Paharia, PsyD, MBA, MS – Licensed clinical psychologist; Executive Vice President of Healthcare Strategy and Services for Integra ServiceConnect®. Previously Corporate Vice President of Clinical Programs, Policy, Research & Development, Molina Healthcare Inc., where she had national responsibility for leading health policy and clinical program development for 1.6 million Medicare, Medicaid, and Children’s Health Insurance Program members, including disabled and dual-eligible populations. Former Assistant Director of Behavioral Health & Wellness for Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield serving 4 states in the Pacific Northwest; National and international lecturer on topics of disease prevention and health promotion.  Her co-edited textbook, The Comprehensive Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology, is published by John Wiley and Sons. Former Assistant Director, Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology and Assistant Professor of Health Psychology, Widener University. Assistant Professor and Director of the Behavioral Medicine Division, Temple University School of Dentistry. Interests: Disease management, tobacco cessation, obesity, cost-effectiveness analysis, managed behavioral healthcare, integrated primary care.

Michael Pertschuk, MD Michael Pertschuk, MDMedical Director of the Eating Disorder Program at Brandywine Hospital, Coatsville, PA; Former Medical Director, Philadelphia Psychological Services and Friends Hospital Eating Disorders Program, Philadelphia, PA; Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry in Surgery and Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. Interests: Integrating individual, group and family psychological services with the medical management of eating disorders.

Gwendolyn P. Quinn, Ph.D. Gwendolyn P. Quinn, PhDProfessor, Morsani College of Medicine, The University of South Florida and Senior Member and Director of the Survey Methods Core, Moffitt Cancer Center. Director, National Training Collaborative for Social Marketing, a cooperative venture of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Association of Medical Colleges. Interests: Assessing the behavioral determinants of consumer decisions and choices about health; understanding and overcoming provider-based barriers to discussing fertility preservation with cancer patients; promoting the use of folic acid among Hispanic women; preventing smoking relapse among pregnant and postpartum women; understanding the barriers to patient accrual to cancer clinical trials; and promoting knowledge and awareness of clinical trials among newly diagnosed patients.

Lucy Rathier, Ph.D. Lucy Rathier, PhD Licensed Psychologist at Behavioral Medicine Clinical Services, The Miriam Hospital and  Clinical Assistant Professor, Warren Alpert School of Medicine, Brown University. She specializes in clinical health psychology in treatment of pain, caregiver stress, and weight management. Dr. Rathier has published on the multidisciplinary approach to headache management; pain, culture, and family; and religious coping.  She participates in the training of pre-doctoral clinical psychology residents and medical residents.  Interests: headache management, adjustment to major life stressors, religious coping, weight management.

Jeff Reiter, PhD Jeff Reiter, PhD – Clinical Psychologist, ABPP in Behavioral Psychology.  Lead Psychologist, Swedish Medical Group, Seattle where he practices a newly developed integrative care service. Faculty of the ASU Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) program, which trains behavioral clinicians to work in primary care settings. Dr. Reiter also consults with organizations that are integrating primary care and behavioral health services. Recent Co-founder of Special Interest Group (SIG) within Collaborative Family Healthcare Association, the nation's first organized group dedicated to the PCBH model of integrated care. Former Co-Director of primary care behavioral health services for HealthPoint Community Health Centers, Seattle, WA. Co-author of the book, "Behavioral Consultation and Primary Care: A Guide to Integrating Services." Earlier in his career, Dr. Reiter spent 8 years as a psychologist in the U.S. Air Force. In 2008, he was one of three consultants contracted by the U.S. Air Force to help implement integrated care services throughout their bases worldwide. His work in primary care has earned him an APA Presidential Award for Innovative Practice, one of twelve given annually. Interests: health psychology, acceptance and commitment therapy, prevention, and novel healthcare delivery approaches.

Anita Remig Ed.D. Anita Remig Ed.D. – Counseling Psychologist; Adjunct Instructor & Professional Development Program Writer/Instructor, University of New Hampshire. Dr. Remig has over 30 years of clinical expertise, with a specialty in psychotherapy with individuals across the age span, including children, teens, families and adults. She also has a subspecialty in psychological testing and biofeedback. University level courses she has taught include: Human Development, Physiological Psychology, Health Psychology and Educational Psychology. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications including Child Study Journal, Language and Speech and Journal of Child Psychology. Her papers have been presented to the American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association and the Society for Research in Child Development. She is a Fellow of the Prescribing Psychologist Register (F.P.P.R.) from the International College of Psychopharmacology. Dr. Remig completed the ICCP National Examination for Psychologists in Psychopharmacology. Interests: psychotherapy across the lifespan, diagnostics and assessment, biofeedback.

Anthony H. Risser, PhD Anthony H. Risser, PhD – Clinical Neuropsychologist and Pharmaceutical Clinical-trials Consultant. Provides assessments of patients with neurological disorders, particularly neurodegenerative diseases, stroke, and traumatic brain injury. In addition, Dr. Risser provides training programs for health-care professionals engaged in clinical trials. He is currently an online Instructor for the University of Liverpool. Co-authored Human Developmental Neuropsychology, Developmental Neuropsychology, and Assessment of Aphasia, published by Oxford University Press. Served as Director of Scientific Affairs for PRA International and Cambridge Cognition. Interests: aphasia, memory testing in aging, screening and efficacy measurement in clinical trials. Associated Links: "BrainBlog" http://neuropsychological.blogspot.com and tweets about neuropsychology at @neuropsychblog.

Mark Rose, MA Mark Rose, MA – Licensed psychologist and researcher. He has published on addictive disorders, as well as other medical disorders, and was recently involved in the development and testing of a novel pharmacotherapy for alcoholism. Member of the Board of Directors of the Minneapolis-based International Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine. Interests: addictive disorders, psychosocial adjustment to disease.

Frederick Rotgers, PsyD, ABPP Frederick Rotgers, PsyD, ABPPLicensed Clinical Psychologist. Board Certified in both Clinical Psychology and Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology and a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. Former Adjunct Professor of Psychology, John Jay College, NY. Former Associate Professor of Psychology at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. An internationally recognized expert in the study and treatment of substance use disorders, he is currently US Editor-in-Chief of the journal Addiction Research and Theory and has co-authored/edited several books, including Treating Alcohol Problemsa presentation of an evidence-based, motivational harm reduction approach to alcohol problems for general clinicians. Interests: Motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral treatments and harm reduction methods and ethics.

Pagona Roussi, PhD Pagona Roussi, PhD – Clinical Psychologist; Professor of Psychology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Visiting researcher with Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA. Interests: Psychological adjustment to health stressors; psychological correlates of illness; clinical management of health-related anxiety and depression.

Lesia M. Ruglass, PhD Lesia M. Ruglass, PhDLicensed Clinical Psychologist; Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, The City College of New York of CUNY; Psychotherapist in Private Practice; Member-at-Large and Co-Chair of the Diversity and Multicultural Committee, Division 56 (Trauma Psychology) of the American Psychological Association.  Dr. Ruglass has received awards and grants from the National Institutes on Health and the City College City SEEDS program.  She has published peer-reviewed articles and presented her work nationally and internationally.  She is co-author of the book Psychology of Trauma 101 (forthcoming from Springer Publishing Company).  Interests: assessment and integrated treatment of trauma, PTSD and substance use disorders (SUDs); understanding the biopsychosocial mechanisms underlying SUDs; gender and cultural issues in trauma; and cultural competence. 

Mary Rzeszut, MSW, LCSW Mary Rzeszut, MSW, LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker​, ​Nephrology Social Work, Health Transitions Program, Dep​artment​ of Kidney Diseases, Northwell Health (formerly North Shore/LIJ). With her years of​ ​experience in an inpatient, outpatient and physician practice settings, her expertise is providing counseling and support to those living with chronic diseases​,​​ such as advanced chronic kidney disease, and the integration of behavioral health into primary care.​ A​ practicing psychotherapist​, ​she specializes in ​adjustment to ​chronic illness, relationship issues, anxiety, depression and grief. She is also a trained bereavement counselor and a social work Faculty Field Liaison for Adelphi University. She has published in peer review journals and presents on the emotional and psychological issues of chronic kidney disease. Interests: Emotional adjustment to chronic illness, medical adherence, patient advocacy,​ integration of behavioral health into primary care.

Pamela Sarte, MS Pamela Sarte, PhD – Lead Faculty, University of Phoenix, Awarded Faculty of the Year in 2013. As Clinical Supervisor at Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services, a community-based behavioral health program in western PA, she brings over a decade of experience working with children and families in a therapeutic context. Interests: family therapy, psychological distance and its impact on thought processes and decision-making, eco-systemic applications for behavioral health.

Mirsad Serdarevic, PhD Mirsad Serdarevic, PhD – Clinical Psychologist, Navy Medical Center, San Diego, Matirx Providers; Former Assistant Director, Operation & Psychologist, UC Merced, CA; Former Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Health Behavior, Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Serdarevic has published extensively in the area of cultural diversity with a focus on immigrant mental health, international student adjustment, and cultural differences in anxiety, depression and bereavement. Interests: cultural diversity, culturally-sensitive clinical interventions, bereavement.

Jae Sevelius, PhD Jae Sevelius, PhD – Assistant Professor, Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS), Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco.  Principal Investigator of an NIH/NIMH-funded project to develop a culturally specific HIV prevention intervention for transgender women. Co-Principal Investigator of the Transitions Project, which provides capacity building assistance and technical assistance to community based organizations throughout the U.S. to promote knowledgeable, sensitive, and effective HIV/AIDS prevention for transgender communities of color and transgender people living with HIV. Co-Principal Investigator of the Center of Excellence for Transgender HIV Prevention, a statewide effort to provide leadership, capacity building, professional training, policy advocacy, research development, and resources to increase access to culturally competent HIV prevention services for transgender people in California. Interests:  transgender issues, HIV prevention and intervention development, quality of life, substance use, intersex issues, human sexuality.

  Janét M. Seward, PsyD – Licensed Clinical Psychologist; Former Adjunct Faculty at Lewis University, IL. Dr. Seward's clinical work covers an array of treatment settings, including inpatient and outpatient clinics, community mental health centers, behavioral camps, and school systems. Having participated in numerous consultations and school interventions, she is experienced in the provision of individual, family, and group therapy, as well as psychological assessments for children, adolescents, and their families, with a subspecialty in working with culturally diverse populations. Interests: Effective treatment interventions for African American youth, trauma, depression, psychological assessments, school interventions.

Kerry Sherman, PhD Kerry Sherman, PhD – Health Psychologist, Associate Professor of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine in the Center for Emotional Health, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. In 2014, Dr. Sherman was the recipient of the American Psychological Association's Division 38 (Health Psychology) Distinguished International Affiliate Award for her work in the field of PsychoOncology, making her one of ten professionals to have this accolade. Interests: Cancer survivorship and re-entry issues; Breast-cancer related Lymphedema; Health-related decision-making; infertility.

Elisabeth Sherwin, PhD Elisabeth Sherwin, PhD – Professor of Psychology, University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Dr. Sherwin has authored many peer reviewed articles and book chapters focusing on adjustment to disability and has presented at both domestic and international conferences in her area of expertise, traumatic brain injury. In 2002, she chaired the Brain Injury Association of America’s annual symposium and participated in the Higher Education Resources Services (HERS) Institute at Bryn Mawr College in 2012. Dr. Sherwin works with multiple academic publishers, such as McGraw-Hill, to review and refine psychology textbooks. She formerly served on the editorial board of the Journal of Rehabilitation Psychology, APA's official publication of the Division of Rehabilitation Psychology, and as a reviewer for Brain Injury. ​Interests: Neuropsychology, truamatic brain injury, ​adjustment to disability.

Jennifer Shotlander, LCSW Jennifer Shotlander, LCSW – Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) and Owner, Human Capital Plus, a provider of comprehensive EAP counseling and consulting solutions.  Works with organizational leadership to help improve productivity within their organization. Recognized in 2012 as one of the "10 New Faces to Watch in Employee Assistance," she has provided EAP consultation to the Pentagon, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Washington Gas, and other private and public organizations. In addition she provides assessment, referral, and short-term counseling to individual employees and family members who are experiencing personal challenges, mental health problems and/or substance abuse concerns. She has served as Commissioner with the Employee Assistance Certification Commission from 2010-2013, as well as in leadership roles for the DC EAPA chapter. Interests: EAP counseling and training, human resources, industrial/organizational psychology.

Lee Stadtlander, PhD Lee Stadtlander, PhD – Health Psychologist/Cognitive Psychologist. Associate Director of Faculty Research Training and Curriculum Support at Center for Research Quality, Walden University and Fielding University. Past President of the Montana Gerontology Society, Former Assistant Professor Montana State University. Former Co-Director of Montana Center on Rural Aging. Recipient of a grant from Walden University to conduct qualitative research on people over the age of 85. Consultant on a USDA-funded grant aimed at expanding geriatric education for paramedics in Montana. Interests: Aging and issues related to older adults, anticipatory mourning in the family of Alzheimer’s patients, pain management in multiple sclerosis.

Michael Stefanek, PhD Michael Stefanek, PhD – An internationally recognized researcher in the field of behavioral oncology, Dr. Stefanek has held many prominent academic positions including Vice President, Behavioral Research, American Cancer Society; Director, Behavioral Research Center, American Cancer Society; Chief of the National Cancer Institute's Basic and Biobehavioral Research Branch; Director of Adult Psychology at the University of Maryland Department of Psychiatry; and Coordinator of Psychosocial Services at the Greenebaum Cancer Center at the University of Maryland. Dr. Stefanek was an Adjunct Professor, Department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University and on the faculty of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, with a full-time appointment with the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center. He was Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Breast Surveillance Service, a research focused clinical program of the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center. He has received funding from the NCI and ACS for numerous grants and served on several NCI and ACS grant review boards, as well as institutional review boards at both Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland Cancer Centers. He has published extensively in his area, including co-authoring the recently released text Reducing Your Cancer Risk published by Demos Medical Publishing and American Cancer Society Press. He serves on the editorial board of the journal Cancer Prevention Research and is an ad hoc reviewer for several highly acclaimed journals. He is currently Chair, Behavioral Science Task Force of the American Association for Cancer Research and was founder and first Chair, Cancer Special Interest Group of the Society of Behavioral Medicine. Interests: Psychosocial and behavioral oncology; issues related to women at high risk of developing breast cancer; health-related risk communication and decision making.

Marilyn Stringer, PhD, CRNP Marilyn Stringer, PhD, CRNP – Professor Emerita of Women’s Health Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center; Former Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program Director, University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, Philadelphia, PA. Interests: Women experiencing medically high risk pregnancies; evidence-based decision making and nursing care.

Carolyn S. Stroebe, PhD Carolyn S. Stroebe, PhD – Licensed Psychologist; Private Practice, Berkeley & Walnut Creek, CA. Interests: Hypnosis; imagery for breast cancer survivors and other health-related contexts; psychotherapy; EMDR; anxiety disorders; grief counseling, death & dying; GLBT and other cultural issues; issues of older adults. Associated links: www.twentyfirstcenturypsychology.com

Beth Ann Swan, PhD, FAAN, CRNP Beth Ann Swan, PhD, FAAN, CRNPDean of and Professor in the Jefferson School of Nursing at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA; Former Adjunct Assistant Professor of Nursing and Associated Faculty, Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. Interests: Measuring and improving health care quality; clinical application of empirical data; evidence-based decision making and nursing care.

Daniel J. Tomasulo, Ph.D., TEP, MFA

Daniel J. Tomasulo, Ph.D., TEP, MFA, MAPP is an internationally renowned speaker and expert on positive psychology.  He created and teaches positive psychology in the graduate program of Counseling and Clinical Psychology at Columbia University, Teachers College and works with Martin Seligman, the Father of Positive Psychology in the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also the Director of the New York Certification in Applied Positive Psychology for the Open Center in New York City. Sharecare has honored him as one of the top 10 online influencers on the topic of depression. For more information go to: http://www.dare2behappy.com/ 

Susan T. Vadaparampil, PhD Susan T. Vadaparampil, PhD - Associate Professor, Department of Oncologic Sciences, University of South Florida (USF) College of Medicine and Associate Member in the Health Outcomes and Behavior Program, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center. Adjunct Faculty, USF College of Public Health and Adjunct Scientist, Clinical Genetics Branch, NCI. Collaborator/co-investigator on several nationally-funded studies in the areas of physician knowledge and use of genetic testing for inherited cancer susceptibility, establishing the prevalence of BRCA1/2 mutations in the African American population, psychosocial aspects of familial testicular cancer, health care provider discussion of fertility preservation among pediatric and young adult cancer patients and their families, and the diffusion of HPV vaccination in clinical practice. Interests: Awareness, knowledge, and use of genetic testing for inherited cancer susceptibility in the general population, minority groups, physicians, and at-risk populations.

Amy Van Arsdale, PhD Amy Van Arsdale, PhD - Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Marymount University. Interests: Counseling psychology; multiculturalism; career counseling; research on adolescent female sex offending and risk factors for juvenile delinquency.

Melissa VanHorn Becker, PhD Melissa VanHorn Becker, PhD - Clinical Psychologist; former Co-director, Boston Children's Hospital Medical Coping Clinic and Instructor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School; former adjunct faculty Boston University, Simmons College, Newbury College; former Director, Boston Ballet School Wellness Program. Interests: optimizing resilience in young people facing unusual life stressors; adaptation to illness.

Mara Wai, MEd Mara Wai, MEd - Associate Director, PENN Program for Mindfulness, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA. Yoga/Movement group/individual instruction and certified mind-body coach. Interests: Yoga, meditation, stress management; complementary alternative medicine.

Silvie Ward, PhD Silvie Ward, PhD – Clinical Psychologist; In her private practice Dr. Ward conducts psychological assessments and provides Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with a focus on mood disorders and trauma, in particular assisting children in the foster care system. Her clinical research explores the relationship between forgiveness and health, both physical and emotional. Interests: Models of forgiveness, beneficial effects of forgiveness on health, different methods of forgiveness, how and when to incorporate reconciliation.

David Weinberg, MD, MSc David Weinberg, MD, MSc – Chair, Department of Medicine; Chief, Gastroenterology Section, and Audrey Weg Schaus and Geoffrey Alan Weg Chair in Medical Science, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA.; Associate Professor of Medicine, Temple University Medical School, Philadelphia, PA. Interests: Colon cancer detection, prevention, and treatment.

Julia Rafsky, JD., PhD. Julia Weinberg, JD, PhD – Licensed Clinical and Consulting Psychologist.  Former Program Director of the inpatient and day treatment Eating Disorders Units at Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment, Philadephia, PA and Clinical Director of an NHS Human Services resident facility for young adults with severe mental illness. Now in private practice, she provides workshops about InSight℠ Learning Strategies, a system she developed for intervening more effectively with children who have language delays or attentional difficulties. Interests: treatment of anxiety disorders, family intervention for parents of children with special needs, cultural considerations in assessment and therapy, differential diagnosis and biopsychosocial evaluation over the lifespan from early childhood through old age. Associated links: http://therapists.psychologytoday.com/rms/56426

Laura Wilhelm, PhD Laura Wilhelm, PhD – Clinical Psychologist; Assistant Professor, West Virginia University Department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry, Charleston Division; Co-author The Anxiety Answer Book. Interests: Cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression and anxiety disorders, group psychotherapy, adjustment to chronic health conditions.

Anna Zacharcenko, MS, PsyD Anna Zacharcenko, MS, PsyD – Licensed Psychologist. Adjunct Faculty, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA.; Consulting Psychologist, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, PA. Spanning twenty-five years, her work has included collaboration with primary care physicians, corporate medical departments and human resource departments to develop and implement wellness programs, substance abuse intervention programs and brief, evidence-based counseling programs. Dr. Zacharcenko has lectured extensively on secondary trauma, caregiver distress, bereavement and loss and the motivational aspects of heath behavior change. Interests: bereavement, trauma intervention, chronic illness, risk management, health psychology, and employee assistance programs.

Barbara Zimmerman-Slovak, PhD Barbara Zimmerman-Slovak, PhD – Counseling/School Psychologist, with over 20 years of training in child and family treatment with a specialization in neuropsychiatry. Interests: treatment of children with neuropsychiatric disorders (i.e., tic disorders, Tourette's, ADHD, OCD, Asperger's, PDD) or medical illness and their families.