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Step 8 – Generate Your Certificate of Completion

You are ready to generate and print your own certificate.

To Generate Your Certificate Online: Simply click on the “Generate Certificate” button from your immediately post-evaluation screen.


(Click on the graphic below for a larger view of the sample screen.)


Once you’ve generated the PDF of your certificate, you can print it and save it for your records. For your convenience, certificates can be generated multiple times in the event you misplace your original. All course-related information (e.g., date of course completion) will remain the same.


(Click on the graphic below for a larger view of the sample screen.)


For the majority of customers, the certificate will open automatically in the browser window as a PDF. For some users (i.e., MAC users in Firefox) the pdf will be saved to your desktop. If you experience problems viewing or printing your certificate (sometimes because of certain settings on your computer), please contact us at info@healthforumonline.com and we'll be happy to email you a PDF of your certificate and/or send you a hard copy by mail.


At any future time, you can return to “My Account” and “List Courses” where a “Generate Certificate” option will now appear on the “Purchased Courses” page along with the date you completed the course.


(Click on the graphic below for a larger view of the sample screen.)


To Have a Certificate Faxed or Mailed: If you have opted to fax or mail in the course collateral materials, a hard copy of your certificate will be mailed/faxed to you and a PDF of your certificate will be e-mailed to you as well.


Submission of Certificate to State CE Broker: Please note that HealthForumOnline does NOT submit completion certificates to state CE brokers in states that use this service. Participants must submit their own completion certificates to their state CE broker when applicable.


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