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Step 2 – Log In

Once you are registered and have created your HFO username and password, you can "Log In" to your personal HFO account directly at any time to access your course content, take a post-test, generate a copy of a completion certificate, and/or change your saved account information (change of email/address, license information, etc.).

If you forget your User Name, you can click on the "Contact Us" link on the log in page and/or email info@healthforumonline.com and an administrator will access your account and notify you of your registered User Name. Please provide us with the full name and email address associated with your HFO account, as well as your HFO order # and associated courses, if possible, to allow us to verify your information.

If you forget your Password, you can click on the "Forget your password" link on the log in page to automatically have a new password sent to you by email. You can either keep this new password or, once logged in, reset it.

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Log In Screen

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