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Healing Through Forgiveness

by Silvie Kendall, PhD 7 CE Credits

A significant part of personal growth and healing is forgiveness, both of oneself and others.  We cannot move on if we are tethered to old wounds. This course explores the research on forgiveness and its relationship to physical and emotional health to build a knowledge base about this essential component of every day living and interpersonal relations. Participants are provided with the opportunity to explore their own relationship with forgiveness and to practice the steps of forgiveness. The clinical therapeutic applications for direct patient care are discussed. Topics include different types and models of forgiveness, beneficial effects on health, different methods of forgiveness, and how and when to incorporate forgiveness and reconciliation into patient care.


This online course is approved for APA CE credit, NBCC CE clock hours and ASWB Clinical CE clock hours.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, health professionals will be able to:
  • Understand the concept of forgiveness, including different underlying models and theories.
  • Summarize the key findings from the literature about forgiveness and its effects on health.
  • Translate a familiarity of forgiveness as it relates to physical and emotional health into their personal lives as well as into their applied clinical work with patients.
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